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Design CGS Specializes in visual development and idea creation for the entertainment and business media spheres. By combining digital techniques with classical artistic experience and a solid design foundation, an elegant style emerges from time~tested disciplines of practiced excellence.

Cameron Gardner Studios continually expands the boundaries to deliver fresh and exciting creative solutions for clients seeking to rise above the norm. Design CGS strives to achieve stylistic, clean and bold graphic languages that speak ever more eloquently and concisely to expanding visual horizons.

Endeavoring creative consulting and bespoke design actualization services as per clients needs and project requirements. Affording excellently crafted, innovative and elegant art direction, graphic design, concept art, production illustration, set design, animation and interactive design.

Services and Capabilities:

Concept Design

Art Direction




Graphic Design

Animation and Assets

3D Modeling

Motion Graphics

Creative Consulting

Clients and Associations:

Animal VFX

Chase and Co.

Cosmic Pictures

Disney Corporation

Expo 2020 Dubai

Five Currents

Flash Films

Fern Expositions

Ford Motor Company


Frameless Creative London

Frameworks LA

Intel Corporation

Jared Sweet Design

Sovereign Media

Track 36 Studios

Twitch Films

Warner Brothers

Vineyard Productions

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