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Agreed_Moon Shot_Concept_01.jpg

AGREED Software called upon Design CGS to develop stunning and innovative creative solutions for their upcoming product launch. Featured here are some of the concept boards that were created to explore several ideas for the brand. The "Dance Off" concept was originally chosen as the kick off campaign. In order to aid in the pre-visualization process, preliminary 3D models were constructed and used as guides for the overall mood, lighting and materials. Having the scene modeled allowed many camera angles to be explored. This was also very helpful for the director to get a sense of the choreography needed for the complex dance routines required in the script.

Subsequently, the AGREED branding has taken a different approach. The latest push features a Brand Anthem video shot on the Salt Flats in Utah. The website also features a clean, bold and simple illustration style created by Design CGS. Please visit the Website to get a glimpse of the latest work, and please watch for some cool new animations using the illustration style.

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