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World Petroleum Congress_Registration Co

The 23rd World Petroleum Congress in Houston Texas wanted to showcase their event in a huge way. Design CGS worked with Matt Hodgson and Fern Expositions to create these memorable design concepts for the show. The creative brief called for an enticing registration entryway, multiple booth designs, and event concepts with an overall look that would highlight an ecologically conscience theme and also strive to educate the attendees about the current state of the world petroleum market.


The Houston Convention Center main show floor is constructed using giant tree-like beams that had to be considered when conceptualizing the entirety of the experience. Also, the designs for the event and booths needed to reinforce the show theme of eco-friendliness and utilize natural and recyclable materials. An abstract tree design concept seemed like a natural choice and was used as a wonderful starting point for the show creative. The abstract tree designs further served the event as a metaphor for growth, expansion and a sound ecological future.  

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